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    I posted the following query in the general AMC section yesterday because I have a '72 Ambassador, but I'm going to put it to you guys since there is a lot more traffic and you seem to be performance oriented. Once again thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

    The question I posted was...

    "I hope someone won't mind answering my newbie question. I bought a '72 ambassador with a 2 bbl 360 engine. I want to upgrade the engine and I understand the first place to start is the carb and intake. I have a stock 4bbl intake that I picked up (I plan to go to an Edelbrock later). Now I need a 4bbl carb. I'm thinking a 650cfm since I want to do more mods later.

    So my question is how do you know what type of carb fits on what type of intake? Will basically any Holley/edelbrock/Carter carb fit a stock intake? And will it fit an Edelbrock too? I have determined that it is not an electric choke, but that's about where my carb knowledge ends.

    If someone could give me some pointers I would appreciate it.


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    Use the "Universal Replacement" Carter/Edelbrock carb no more than 600 cfm. 625 would be OK. 650 is overkill for your application. Keep in mind Carter's are no longer being made so you'll need to go with the Edelbrock clone. I'm not a big fan of Holley, they're great for performance but I've always found them to be a bit tempermental compared to Carters (Carters are all I run, I don't use Edelbrock carbs either).

    Note that you may have to build a fuel line on the passenger's side, DO NOT USE RUBBER! Get a standard, ready-to-go (proper fittings already on both ends) 5/16 metal fuel line from the display box of assorted sizes at a local NAPA dealer. Buy a cheap metal tube bender toll from an Auto Parts Store (or NAPA) and bend the line properly from the pump to the carb in front of and slightly above the distributor to keep the line in the cool airstream of the upper parts of the fan blade.

    One thing to be aware of is the possibilty that your original air clearner tub may or may not fit. I know the stock 68, 69 Carter 625 cfm has a smaller diameter top on it that the later ones and if you use a later Carter carb the air cleaner tub inlet is too small. I think you're okay being a 1972 but measure to be sure - unless someone else will post if they know. An electric choke isn't difficult to hook up. If you don't want to monkey with a manual choke it'd be the way to go.

    A good intake manifold for your application is the Edelbrock Performer.


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    Thanks for the information. That's more infor than I expected.

    So then, in your opinion, is it worth hooking up the electric choke just so that there is less to fiddle with?


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