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    Question Jim In "Music City" USA

    HELP!! Have a 72' SST Javelin, 360 4B, AT HATE the &$#@r Motorcraft Carb. Can't ever keep it adjusted right. What do you guys sugguest changing it out to which doesn't require a big linkage change out. Edlebrook, Holley etc. What CFM size and model would be helpful too.. Motor is stock except for CD ignition. THANKS!!!!!!!

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    Default Carb replacement

    Suggest and only suggest for I have put three of these on my AMC's. They are the Edlebrock Performer Carb. Buy the 650 CFM for this would be all you need for a stock 360. Also there is little monkeying around with the linkage. They come already setup for Chryslers which in turn work on the AMC engines. The only other choice that you would need to make is whether or not you want an automatic choke or a manual chock. Choice is up to you although I have had very few problems with either setup.

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    Another vote for Edelbrock. I have a 600cfm on my Jav 360, runs great. Got tired of an old Holley giving me fits, the Edelbrock solved all my issues. The linkage took some messing with but very doable, I think my biggest challenge was the tranny kickdown linkage. Works great with my cowl induction too. Mine is stock cept for Pertronix ignition and an Edelbrock Performer intake, free flow exhaust with dual flowmasters.

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    definately edlebrock

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    Default carbs

    ................and I also agree. I have an Edelbrock 750 on my 390 with a R4B and it was just bolt on and go. I am redoing my '72 Javelin AMX 360, also with an R4B, and just picked up an Edelbrock 600 for it. If you are shopping for one, especially the 600, I found a guy on e-bay that had a BIN for $225 NIB and apparently they had several as they have sold a few in the past by looking at their feedback. Just go on e-bay and enter 1406 (the model number for the 600cfm with electic choke). Summit and Jegs are both $260 right now with the usual "handling" charge tacked on as well.
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