I thought that I would post some pictures of the sound barrier and heat barrier that I recently installed in my '74 Javelin AMX. The materials and process that I used included:

- stripping and cleaning the interior
- coating with Herculine bed liner as a sound deadener
- laying down a layer of rubber matting for additional sound deadening
- laying down a layer of Rerflectix as a heat barrier

These are some picture:

Next, I'm going to remove the front dash and replace the instruments with the tic-toc instruments I bought and also do the necessary work to get the air conditioner working again.

I'll keep the original AM radio and it will use the speaker in the front dash.

I'm also going to be totally removing the back seat and put stereo components back there (sub-woofer, amps, a bunch of speakers, and stereo). They'll all be installed in a elegant panel that I'll match with the rest of the interior.