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    Default Trying to find the build sheet

    Since I was lucky to purchase from the original owner... I have been striping the car down for body and paint. I have yet to come across it. I have found a few interesting lables and tags but no build sheet.

    Here is what I found:
    The seats were made in March 1971
    The engine was made April 22nd 1971
    The body was made April 25th or 26th 1971 (federal sticker shows 4-71)

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    Post Build Sheets

    Build sheets for AMC's in general are hard to be had for any one individual car because when the cars roled down the assembly line, the worker was to follow what was on the build sheet for assembly. When the car reached the end of the line, the sheet was supposed to be thrown in the waste basket. Some build sheets were either thrown on the floor before the carpet installation or tucked (unknown reason) in the seats springs. On my 71 Javelin I found tattered pieces of paper that I believe was the build sheet that was tucked in the springs of the driver's side bucket seat. It was in such lousy condition that it could not be read.
    My Javelin from other data was built in the first or second week of September 1970. I took all of the data that I did find including the seat build date, engine build date and some information from a line person that worked in the engine plant at AMC. According to him that once the engine was completed, it was stuck into the car within 7-10 days on the line. This would make sense since the other data I had pretty much confirm this.

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    I found a build sheet under the passanger carpet in my 74 Javelin. It was to faded to read though.

    74 Javelin

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    Thanks for all your input.

    Since the driver seat was reappolstered some time ago and I threw away the original carpet after stripping the interier, I think there is no way if any to find it now.

    I pulled the plastic backs off of the seats and flipped over the rears to see if the springs had it. Still was not there. It is lost.

    Well then I may have one of the last cars built in April... Is June the cut off month for new model assembly.

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    Default Last Model Run

    It was either June or July, I'm not real sure on that. I believe that they started new model runs in August or early September. There was something like a month of being idle so they could re-tool for the following years run.

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