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Thread: pierre cardin?

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    My 1972 jav. came with the pierre cardin headliner, and the seats have a hard plastic back. (My 1973 has soft back seats.)

    The interiors have different trim, and the seats have been recovered in the 72'. Is thier a reason the seats are different? Was that a fac. opt.?

    The P.C. head liner was good, but got destroyed in a tornado. to bad.

    Is thier a code on the vin. I can look up to see if my car had it orig. Thier are no side markers on the front fenders to identify P.C.

    And can anyone tell me if thier where two grill options in 1972. Mostly I have seen the mesh but I have seen pictures of a plastic grid style. Race cars and trooper police cars for example.

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    It was all or nothing on the PC interior as far as I know. This is from Eddie Stakes site for interiors:

    1972 Javelin *and* AMX: 61=black; 63=blue; 64=green; 65=red/black;
    66=tan; 68=white. Three available trims of "S"=wellington vinyl; "R"
    corduroy only available in 61/black; 63/blue; 64/green; 66/tan and the
    elusive "W" is for the Pierre Cardin interior option.
    1973 Javelin *and* AMX: 41=black; 43=blue; 44=green; 46=tan; 48=white.
    Three trims available of "S" Uganda vinyl; "R" Domino fabric only available
    in 41/black; 43/blue; 44/green and 46/tan. And "W" is the rare Pierre Cardin
    interior option.

    the only 2 grills were either a standard Javelin or an AMX from 71-74. There were no 2 different grills for a standard Javelin.

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    Default "S"

    Thanks !
    Your link helped alot. Both my cars end w/S. Uganda vynl. I didnt think the 1972 model had P.C. but the head liner threw me off.

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    Post Grills

    For the AMX from 71 to 74 AMC used the 71 Javelin grill with the screen attached to it. This may be a cause of some confusion for some collectors. Every AMX from this time period was in that AMC used the deeply recessed grill from the 71 year in all AMX's produced from 71 to 74. The grill design for the standard Javelins were changed from year to year along with some minor cosmetic changes in the cars (exterior).

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    Default pierre cardin

    Karine Dupureur has posted some more photos of Pierre on Facebook.I have asked her if I can share them here as well, so we can at least keepthe memories

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