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    Default Engine noise-lifters or rocker arms?

    I have a 1982 AMC Concord 258 cu. in.I am having a noise on startup and running that seems to be like a clacking sound.It sounds pretty loud.I have heard a light ticking before when the car was run regularly but it sat up for a month or two and was not started.I had it before but only lightly.The car sat up a while and now on startup it is worse than ever.I changed the oil and put some Risolone with the new oil.It was less noise before I changed the oil.Do you think it could be lifters or rocker arms?It is hard to pinpoint where the noise is coming from.

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    You may be able to isolate the location of the noise by using a piece of wood like a 1x2. Just place one end of it on the valve cover (or wherever you need to) and put your ear up to the other end. It'll act like a stethoscope. Just be absolutely sure to keep it away from any moving parts.


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    Default Engine noise

    I borrowed a stethoscope and will try to find the noise.Would sticking lifters be fairly loud?Thanks.

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    It's hard to tell without hearing it but generally they're not what I'd call loud. Another way to isolate the noise is to pull a spark plug wire while it's running. If the noise stops or is greatly reduced when a specific wire is pulled you've at least located the cylinder where the problem is. Just take precautions so you don't get burned or shocked.


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    sounds like a collapsed lifter,if you pull the plug wire(from distributor cap-so not to get zapped) and the sound drastically reduces then you have a rod bearing going out.wouldn't hurt to pull the valve cover and check the rocker arms to see if they are getting oil (this can be kinda messy when you start it).also once the cover is off NONE of the pushrods should have up and down freeplay that you can feel with the engine OFF.if you have a loose pushrod tube thats probably your noisy lifter

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