Hey everyone,

I have a 1982 Concord with a 258 that has been sitting for a very long period of time.

I would like to bring it back to life. When it was parked it had a bad transmission. But prior to being parked...it had the engine rebuilt with a bumpy Jeep cam (for more Torque) and stiffer springs. It ran strong and I really liked it alot but the time haad come for a new car that I could daily drive. I always wanted to keep the Concord to fix up and restore at a later date. I feel bad that I have let it sit for so long but college and life in general took the front seat and the Concord got put under a tarp in the Garage for the last 6 years. Its a sad excuse I know. Mostly I am concerned about starting the engine after it has been sitting for so long. I would like to get it running so I can get it over for a new tranny.

What should I be considering when trying to reanimate the 258? As I looked at it...its gonna need a new belt...the radaitor fixed/repaied...new hoses...(vacuum and coolant)...battery...an oil change...air/oil filters.

Should I prime the engine at the oil pump before firing or will changing the oil lube the system enough? I am not sure.

Can anybody give me some pointers on bring my old girl back to life?

Please help.