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    Default BBG 500 cali special

    Has anyone seen one for sale in the last year?
    I would like to be sure this one for sale is "real"

    Any ideas? Suggestions?


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    Default 1969 BBG 500 Special

    The only sure way to authenticate a 500 Special is with the original dealership paperwork. The car you're looking at appears to have the options the cars were known to have. For more info go to:
    I know of two authentic 500 Specials that have sold in the last year. One for $23,500 the other, an absolute premimum car, for $41,000+.
    Is this car worth the asking price? Without a doubt it's a beautiful car. Only an onsite inspection will tell. There are some things on this car that I can see are not original. That doesn't mean the owner doesn't have the original parts to put back on the car. The biggest I can see (from pictures) to revert back to original is the incorrect engine color. Depending on your skills it may not be a big deal to pull the engine for a repaint. From the photos and asking price I'd say it's certainly worth a closer look.

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    Thanks for the info!
    You guys are obviously the authority on these cars!

    Great Site

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    Default BBG 500 Special

    I have seen this car in person. Quite a few non original parts, But a very nice AMX. In my opinion this is a real 500 Special. It has the proper door tag with correct rivets. Does not look like it has ever been removed. It priviously was in N.J.
    [ Sold on e-bay for $19.900.00 1/5/04.]

    P.S. I have a BBG 500 Special @ a BBG 390/4sp. so though not an expert I do know these cars fairly well.

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    Default Big Bad cali 500

    Just curious - what's the dash number on your 500? Mine's 14946.
    Your 500 is the 2nd with a four-speed I have heard about. I have seen the other. It is in the Denver, CO area.
    The one for $23,500 sold earlier this year and is in the north east. It is not the car in this ad however. There's a couple of them in Europe too.

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    Default BBG 500 Special


    '69 BBG 500 Special auto. dash#13482
    '69 BBG 390 4sp. dash#14222
    '70 BBB 390 4sp. dash#21736
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    Red face 500 Cali BBG

    Oops, I see now. You've got two different '69 BBG AMXs. And a '70 BBB! Very nice!
    Well shoot, I guess I'm back to knowing of just the one 500 4-speed.
    I'll check the numbers in my VIN tomorrow. Be interesting to see how close they are.

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    Default 500 Special

    Serial # on 500 Special is 283769. It is original [except for some wear items; like seat covers ,carpet & dist.]rust free but high milage. From Orange,Calif. Not as nice as the one Bama is looking at but easily restored. Will take all 3 to AMO show in Atlanta in July [Very close to home.]

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    Default BBG 500 Cali Special

    Mine is 289588. Looks like 5819 cars were in-between. I had to restore mine, interior, exterior, engine and trans rebuild. No rust. It's not 100% original but close enough for what I need and want. It's won awards at the three CACI / AMCWC Nationals its been to and at some local shows. I do drive it, 1,000-2,000 miles a year. If it was too perfect it'd never come out of the garage.
    Good luck to you at the AMO show in Atlanta.

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    Default 500 Special

    I would have thought that all 500 Special's would have been built togeather; Guess I would have been wrong. Like I said previously I'm no expert. The BBG 4sp.'s # is 330680, where would that put it?
    Buy the way , do you know anyone who does good resto. on rim-blow steering wheels?
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