the AMCRC southwest regionals are going to be on 10-27&27-2007 at the hacienda hotel & casino hosted by the SOUTHERN NEVADA AMC CLUB.according to the flyer i have you can call Mark Ogulnick @(702)985-7647 for details.i do not know this club but they made the trip to Irwindale Speedway for the SoCalAMX show that was on 6-02-07 and they seemed like a great group of AMC the way the SoCalAMX show was a blast as all of the cars were invited to make exhibition laps around the track,and there were cheers from the grandstands when some rear tires got a little smokey.the loudest cheers were for the little gremlin that got d*** near sideways when he let it loose.a great time was had by all who attended this first annual event---great job guys,good show