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    Exclamation What are these holes for?

    Hi Everybody,
    I sure hope someone can help me with this, I have a 74 Javelin and on the rear valance just below the bumper guards there are holes with threads behind them. They look factory but, I have no idea what would go in them and with a car this old maybe someone just did a great job and put them there for reasons, I don't know anyone have any ideas? I have not seen these on any other javelin or AMX on ebay or in any of the books, I have.

    Thanks Much

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    sounds like someone tacked some nuts on the backside after drilling some the best of my knowledge i have never seen anything ever installed from the factory mounted to the rear lower valance panel.

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    Do you have the small or large rubber bumpers?

    The only other possibility I can think of, other than the one mentioned above, and this is purely speculation, is your front valence is factory for the large 74 rubber bumpers but you have the small ones.

    I dont know if there was a difference or not to the valence, maybe someone would know.

    74 large bumpers (my old 74 AMX)

    smaller bumpers

    BTW, you may want to post in the 71-74 section.

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    Those holes are for the large rubber 5mph absorbers on the 74 model year Javelins. They bolted to the bumper and had a sort of strap that extended down and bolted thru the rollpan to the nuts. Most likely a previous owner removed them and left the holes. The front valance and the rear rollpan had them. I removed them and tig welded plugs in the valance and rollpan to cover the holes and had the body guy smooth the plugs up for paint. A rollpan from a 71-73 should bolt right up. 68-70 may work but I'm not positive. I still have the huge things in the shed if you are interested. I think they were the only ugly thing on the 74 Javelins.

    74 Javelin

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