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    Default 1972 AMX front turn signal color

    I recently purchased a '72 AMX with an August '71 build date. I'd heard somewhere that early '72's had the clear turn signal lenses and that they switched to the orange ones as the clear ones ran out. Does anyone know if this is true? I've got to get new lenses anyway and wanted to get the correct color if possible. Thanks!

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    Hi, I am not sure about your build date, but you are right that the clear ones are for the early 72 Javelin/AMX. What you want to look up is the body number... I am sure someone knows what body numbers are considered early.

    If not I prefer the clear lens over the amber any way. As for running out, I am also sure that a dealer may have a set or two laying around for replacement for a 71 AMX and may use them as a replacement for any AMX on a pinch. I have heard that cross changing happens to all makes and models from dealers and at the factory for all cars.

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    Thanks for the info. I prefer the '71 style as well. I'm new to AMC's but I've always liked this body style. My car was exported to Germany at some point in its life, it's got a German VIN(worknummer) tag on the radiator support and a sticker inside the door with info on it's delivery to the port at Bremen. I've got visions of a brown AMX flying down the autobahn through the black forest. Kinda cool. My guess is it was an American Serviceman as it's got a military base parking sticker on it too. Anyway, I'm having fun. Thanks again.

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