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    Default After market wiring harness

    As some of you know I purchased an EZ-Wiring harness for my car.

    I bought the 21-circuit setup and was glad I did.

    Here are some things I learned.

    1 – It is not easy and if you can’t read a wiring diagram you should not do this.

    2 – You must save all of your old harness and connections. I used the original connections and attached them to the new harness wires. This helped keep the shrink tubing to a minimum. I used a dremel tool to slit the crimped connection, soldered the harness wire to the old connector and slipped it into the AMC plastic connector shield.

    3 – You MUST, MUST have a wiring diagram for your year of car.

    4 – As someone mentioned in another thread, your car came with an ammeter not a voltmeter.

    5 – The after market outfits do not cater to AMC. AMC mixed and matched the Big 3 stuff so you must do a bit of detective work and throw in some logical thinking to get things working.

    6 – Be innovative and don’t be afraid to deviate from the instructions. I used the Cruise Control circuit to run my defroster.

    7 - The NSS is kicking my **** but as soon as I figure out how to wire it I will let you know.

    8 – It was worth it but if I had to do it over I would probably buy a reproduction harness if I had the option.

    74 Javelin

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    Nice post on your thoughts Javelin60.I'm sure it will help others.

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    An update to my previous post.

    I have not been able to get my chrging system to work. I traced the problem to the voltage regulator. I purchased a new regulator and installed it. It worked for 3 days and then fried.

    Through a bit of research and some direction from another forum I believe the problem to be my elimination of the "Idiot Light". When I installed the new harness I eliminated the idiot light because the installation instructions did not address the light, I didn't know how to add it to the new harness and I didn't think it was needed. This thinking appears to be wrong. The Motarola charging system needs the "Idiot Light" to function properly.

    I found this during my search. It will be helpful getting the light back into the loop.

    AMC/JEEP Motarola Charging System 1965-75

    I hope this can be of use to any of you that plan on rewiring your cars.

    74 Javelin

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    Update part 2.

    I contacted Painless about this problem and learned that by placing an 82ohm 5 watt resistor inline with the excitor should eliminate the problem.

    74 Javelin

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    Update part 3

    I obtained an 82 ohm 5 watt resistor and hard soldered it into the excitor wire. I fired her up and the charging system now works as it should.

    74 Javelin

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    Final update:

    I finally figured out how to wire the NSS relay properly. It took a while but I'm happy that I have a working NSS.

    74 Javelin

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